As a realtor, you recognize that one of the most important issues involved in selling or purchasing real estate is establishing the current Market Value. For the small investment of an appraisal fee prior to listing or making an offer to purchase, a professional, high-quality appraisal report performed by a qualified, state-licensed appraiser can provide you and your clients with an objective, third party opinion of a property's current Market Value.

The appraisal reports are computer generated in high-quality full color and are performed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

At TREA CORP Appraisal, you can expect:

  •  Prompt and convenient appointments
  •  Direct communication of condition (including FHA repair issues if needed) and value concerns
  •  Quick turnaround time, typically one week or less from the date the request is received
  •  High-quality digital reports, computer generated in full color
  •  Quick response to follow-up questions
  •  Competitive price schedule

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